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5 Best Motivational Bollywood Movies You Must Watch

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What are the best motivational Bollywood movies so far? How can films help me achieve my goals? Is there a film in Indian cinema to take inspiration from?

Movies leave a lot of impact on us. There is an old saying, “You become what you watch”. Don’t you agree with this proverb? Then start observing people around you. A person watching action films will be combative by nature.

Conversely, if someone watches a movie full of peace or love, that person will also be of a calm nature. This happens because movies make up your mind or your way of thinking.

So if you have goals to achieve in life, then consider watching motivational Bollywood movies. And, I assure you that it will generate immense energy in you. Seeing a person struggling with failures to succeed will make you a warrior.

Indian cinema is full of such movies from the beginning. In this article, I have brought you the list of the best inspirational Bollywood movies, which will give you a purpose to live.

List of Best Motivational Bollywood Movies

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Releasing year 2013
Genre Drama
Ratings (IMDB) 8.2/10
YouTube Available

This movie includes the true-life story of Milkha Singh, a runner Olympic champion. This story is about the journey from a homeless person to the best Indian athlete. You will see how Milkha Singh dealt with the carnage of his family.

It will teach you to learn from your failures. You will know how someone can turn a hopeless life towards immense success. Milkha Singh’s dedication and hard work for more than a year to come to such a level from a normal person will blow your senses.

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Releasing year 2001
Genre Drama
Ratings (IMDB) 8.1/10
YouTube Available

The word “Lagaan” means tax in the Indian language. According to the title, the film shows how some villagers fought against heavy taxation by the British government.

Bhuvan, the main character of this story, goes to the king of the state along with some villagers and the head of the province to beg for a tax exemption.

But the British captain Russell offered him an offer. If the villagers beat the British in cricket, the government will waive their tax for the next 3 years. Conversely, if they lose, they will have to pay three times tax.

In this film, you will see that dedication, patience, faith, and burning desire can make anything possible. Apart from this, this Bollywood movie has some inspiring and heart touching songs.

I urge you to watch the movie “Lagaan” to understand the importance of freedom.

Manjhi – The Mountain Man

Releasing year 2015
Genre Drama
Ratings (IMDB) 8/10
YouTube N/A

History is full of stories of love. But have you heard about Dashrath Manjhi? Do you know why he is known as “The Mountain Man”? If not, then you need to see this movie a lot.

Dasaratha is a poor man who lives in a small village surrounded by a rocky mountain. He has no one but a wife in his family. He loves her more than he can. Both climb the mountain every day in search of food.

But one day, his wife slips off a rocky mountain and dies. Filled with anger and grief, Dasaratha decides to cut the mountain to make way. It took him 22 years to complete his mission.

Have you ever heard someone working for love all these years? This real story will make your eyes buckets of tears.

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Releasing year 1997
Genre Drama
Ratings (IMDB) 7.9/10
YouTube Available

“Border” is the story of a war between India and Pakistan depicting patriotism. Through this story, you will know how a soldier sacrifices love, friendship, family, and everything to protect his country. There are some songs that will definitely make you cry.


Releasing year 2004
Genre Drama
Ratings (IMDB) 7.9/10
YouTube Available

This entire story focuses on Karan who is lazy, confused for his future, and bad at doing things. Karan is not interested in handling his family business. He hangs around with friends all the time. When his friends start discussing their future plans, Karan becomes confused about his future.

But, after watching an action film, he decides to join the Indian Army. However, he ends the training midway as it proves to be quite difficult for him. As a result, Karan’s family, friends, and love begin to lose respect. In the end, he rejoins the army to prove himself. This time, he is successful in achieving his honor. Karan’s journey to success can be inspiring for today’s youth. Therefore, the film is a part of the best motivational Bollywood movies.