You are currently viewing Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Download Link & Registration Date
Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Download Link & Registration Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Download Link & Registration Date

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Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Download: Lakhs of PUBG lovers in India are eagerly waiting for the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India and the hopes of PUBG fans have soared after reports surfaced that the game developers are planning to launch it soon with a new name.

India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned PUBG Mobile in September last year, citing security and privacy concerns. Battlegrounds Mobile India claims to offer an AAA multiplayer experience and will feature special content, events, and more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Download

In the meantime, players who are located outside India can play another game PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta version.

This game has introduced several new features to the fans. In order to access the beta version of the game players will receive an Invitation Code/Binding Code.

Also, the latest PUBG Mobile beta version can be downloaded by the players using an APK file.

Game NameBattleGrounds Mobile India Apk Game
Game Size1.2 GB
Developers NameKRAFTON, Inc.

Download link for Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India)

As per new media reports, hackers are circulating fake Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download links for Android devices.

If you download such APK files on your device, be assured that it will affect your device or hackers will steal your personal data and later misuse them for financial gains.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Date
Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Date

The wait is almost OVER! Are you ready? BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA goes LIVE with Pre-Registrations on May 2023.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced the pre-registration date on May 2023, watch the video:

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Release Date

According to famous PUBG Mobile caster Ocean Sharma, Battlegrounds Mobile India could be released by June. He recently told Sportskeeda:

“As I previously stated, there will be two major announcements in May, one of which has been made today. Also, if this was just a teaser, the trailer could arrive by the end of the month if everything goes according to plan. Because this was only a baby step, the game could be available by June.”

Krafton previously revealed that a pre-registration phase will precede the game’s release. Details about this phase are yet to be revealed.

How To Download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK?

Those who are outside India can download the PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Version by following the below mentioned simple process:

  1. All those who are interested will first have to download the APK file which is 606 MB. Also, they will have to ensure that there is sufficient space in their mobile phone before downloading the game.
  2. Next, you will have to enable the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option with which you will then locate and install the APK file of the game.
  3. Once the installation process is completed, installers of the game can open it. They will then have to select either of the two resource packs that is Low-spec Resource Pack or HD Resource Pack.
  4. Next, click on the ‘Guest’ option after the in-game patches are complete. Post this a dialog box will pop up, where the users will be asked to provide the Invitation Code.
  5. After entering the Invitation Code, Gamers will have to press the ‘OK’ button.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Features

The PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta has several new features, including a new Arena Map. The beta also has a variety of content related to the Godzilla vs Kong collaboration. Here are some of its features:

  • Spawn Island Cinematic
  • Titans
  • Apex Supply Camp
  • PvE mob settlements
  • Electromagnetic Scanner

Conclusion: Krafton is yet to announce the launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Once the game has been launched, it will be available to download through Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Those will be the only official sources to download the game.