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Best WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021 (Better Privacy Protection)

Looking for the best WhatsApp alternatives? Do you need a secure messaging app to protect your data? Then, below is a surprise for you!

Ever since WhatsApp announced an update to its privacy policy, its users have been in a tizzy. This update is making all of us nervous.

In case you have no idea what this update is, read this article related to WhatsApp Privacy Update.

But to explain the topic, let me give a brief description for now. According to the update, WhatsApp will share users’ data with its parent company, Facebook.

Furthermore, we are all left with only two options — either agree to the policy or remove the instant messaging app.

Therefore, almost every user is looking for apps to use as WhatsApp alternatives. After all, no one wants to compromise with his privacy, Right?

To be fair, I too was looking for a similar app since the announcement.

And you know what?

I found many privacy-focused messaging apps that will give you the same experience. No, Seriously!

I have listed all the best WhatsApp alternatives in this article. But before moving on the list, let’s understand if you really need these or not.

Do You Need WhatsApp Alternatives?

While there is a buzz among all to move to other applications, I recommend you focus on a few points.

According to some experts and whistle-blowers, there is nothing like online privacy. This is just a satisfying myth.

It sounds horrifying, doesn’t it?

If nothing exists like Online Privacy, why should I use these apps? Why are these platforms the most secure?

Actually, these platforms use all possible methods to protect your data. All these attempt to collect as little data as possible.

So, even if a bug appears or the server is hijacked, you’ll be safe. After all, it is good to consider security rather than making your data public.

Top WhatsApp Alternatives to Protect Privacy

For those who disagree with the WhatsApp policy, there are some popular alternatives. Now you can chat with others while maintaining privacy.

  • Signal
  • Session
  • Telegram

1. Signal:

Signal is considered to be the best private messaging app at the moment. It is available for Android and iOS for free.

It uses E2E (end-to-end) and open-source protocols to encrypt messages, calls, media files, and metadata.

Moreover, Signal provides features such as “Sealed Sender” and “Disappearing Messages” for further protection.

The Sealed sender feature means no third-party (even Signal) can know who the sender and the receiver of a message is.

That is to say, your identity will be fully protected. Amazing, Right?

Likewise, “Disappearing Messages” helps you to set a time period for messages to display. After the period ends, it will self-destruct.

Do you want to use this messaging app on the desktop? Not a problem dear! Signal gives you a service similar to WhatsApp web.

It means you just need to install the desktop version on your computer. Then, scan the QR code to start messaging people.

Two features that I was missing in Signal was animated stickers and uploading status. It serves you with limited stock of normal stickers.

Hold on Guys!

I have found a way to use animated stickers in Signal. However, I see no solution to upload status.

But, we can compromise with it in the sake of privacy, isn’t it?

2. Session:

Another application to use instead of WhatsApp is Session. The center point of this messaging application is privacy.

Its privacy policy clearly states that the session does not know who you are, what your message is, or who you are messaging.

But, what information does it collect from us?

Nothing! Yes, you read it right.

Session collects no data of users by itself as they use it anonymously. But, there is something you should know about.

It’s a fact that If you use any app on iOS or Android, Apple or Google will definitely collect some information from you, Right?

This information might be related to your device model, crash logs, or application usage time. And, this data is shared with Session.

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Be relaxed! You do not need to worry.

This is quite common and happens with every application. But, it does not mean your data is not safe.

Session does not store any user information such as Email ID, IP address, number, or anything that reveals your identity.

That means you will remain anonymous for third parties (even for Session).

This platform also uses end-to-end encryption and open-source protocol to encrypt your data. It’s messaging and safety features make it one of the best WhatsApp alternatives.

3. Telegram:

Almost 500 million monthly active users are using Telegram. It is a safe, easy-to-use, and popular social network.

Unlike Signal or Session, Telegram collects some information such as User ID, Contacts, Name, and Phone Number.

It secures your chats and media files using end-to-end encryption. However, you must manually turn on E2E encryption for chat.

Want to know a silly thing?

Even I did not know that I would have to turn on the E2E feature on my own while I have been using it for months.

But, while researching for this article, I came to know about this service.

I know, it sounds crazy.

But, the question is, how to turn the encryption mode on? Well, you can do it by starting a new secret chat.

A secret chat includes the following features:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Self-destruction timer
  • No messages forwarding
  • Leave no trace

I know that all these points mean better security. But, the “secret chat” feature allows you to chat only when the recipient is online.

Moreover, it provides various features similar to WhatsApp. For example, creating groups, last seen, profile setup, and deleting chats.

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Wrapping It Up!

So, this was the list of top WhatsApp alternatives for better protection. I know none of them provide our favorite feature — WhatsApp status.

But, these apps are considered the best privacy-focused platforms. And as far as I know, nothing could be more important than your privacy, right? Also, moving to other platforms is entirely your choice. I am just an informer. But, you are the decision-maker.