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Best ways to Earn money from YouTube effectively

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Earn money from Youtube: YouTube is one of the famous Social Media on the Internet nowadays. YouTube has almost 312 Million Viewers in 2020 and 342 million users are expected for 2021. So where there is such a huge audience base, there must be so many opportunities. Isn’t it?

Yes! There are so many opportunities on YouTube. You could be famous; you could earn a huge amount of money as well as you could help so many peoples. Whether it be by sharing knowledge or by guiding someone to get something done.

The number of peoples who made something great from YouTube is so big. Peoples are earning millions just shooting a video and uploading it on their YouTube channel.

Obviously, there are so many backend efforts that are important to be successful on YouTube.

So here are some ways top YouTubers use to earn dollars. Let’s unlock the secret behind YouTube millionaires.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the basic and first earning source that all YouTubers and most of Bloggers have in common. Adsense is a Program by Google itself that allows publishers and Creators to show ads on their content or Videos and Earn money by showing ads.

Creators needs to apply for Google AdSense Program to show ads on their Videos or Blogs. Adsense team, then, review the YouTube channel for allowing to show ads. Your Video Content must not violet the Adsense Publisher guidelines and Policies. When you get the approval from Google adsense Team, you are now ready to show ads on your Video and earn money through ads.

Whenever your viewers click on the ad showing on your video, you will be credited with the money according to the CPC (Cost per Click). So this could be the first way to Earn money from Youtube.

Google shares 63% of their earning on your video using adsense ads.
This is the most reliable and easy way to make money from youtube.
Anyone can get adsense approval the only condition is your content must not violet any Adsense policy. If you do, you will not be able to show ads on your videos and you can’t make money from YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing

For earning through Affiliate Marketing, you need to promote some product on your Channel bu making Videos or posting Community Posts. Whenever your Visitors makes a Purchase, you will get commission of that purchase.

Affiliate marketing is the way you can be reach from youtube. Yes! Some affiliate programs pay you even 100$ for a single sale. You just need to apply for any Affiliate network like CJ or JVZoo or whatever network is suitable for you, and start promoting their product in your videos.

You may need to create videos around the product or services you want to promote. Put your affiliate link in your Video Description and ask your Visitors to check that product out by clicking the link in the Video Description.

Now lets assume that you are promoting a Product which offers you 50$ per sale. When you get 1k Views on your Video and lets say 100 peoples checked the product in the description and 10 out of them made a payment for that product. So you made 500$ just by a single Video by Promoting single Product.

Now think it over for your personal Benefits. And select the best suited Affiliate Program for you and Start making money today. Affiliate marketing could be the most profitable way to Earn money from Youtube.

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Sponsorship means any brand which is suitable and related to your niche will get in touch with you and offer few dollars to promote their product or brand by reviewing their product.

You may have seen many videos talking about a particular product or a Brand. That is sponsorship. Not every video you watch about a product earns from sponsorship, but most of them do.

Many youtubers who either review a smartphone or create unboxing videos, earn through sponsorship.

You will get a sponsor offer if you suit for the brand. Generally, Brands looks for the number of subscribers you have on your YouTube channel and the market you are targeting.

If they select your channel you might receive an email asking for the same. If you like the proposal and accept it, you will need to create the content for the brands you are going to promote.

Brand Collaboration

Just like Sponsorship, you will need to promote some product of different brands but in collaboration with brands, you won’t have to do it all. Brand will avail you the resources you need to create the content like you can use their team as yours to create a content for your Youtube channel.

Brand collaborators looks for the Influencer type Creators and for some specific niche like Fashion, Technology, Gaming, etc.

Single Influencer charges lakhs for a single Content or Video. Brands generally reach a huge number of audience by promoting their product through a Influencer. Not only that, they increase their sales exponentially.


YouTube lets you create a membership section in your youtube channel for the exclusive and premium content you create. You must have seen a Join Button just next to the subscribe Button.

Whenever your subscriber joins your channel, they need to pay the amount you decided and you will get that amount.

So these were the ways you could make millions from YouTube. You could use few of them or all of them together. You should have most of them so that you could make even more money. I wish you all the best for your youtube career. Have it all.