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How I used DTH Antenna to Increase my Internet speed?

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How I used DTH Antenna to Increase my Internet speed? Internet is one of the most important component of our life nowadays. Good Internet connection and speed is important for all of us.

Weather it be to attend your online class or your important Office meeting. All you need is the Internet with decent Speed. But today, most of the places are still there where there is no Internet or very slow internet speed.

So What we can do at these places like some villages or remote area? You always have multiple ways at every situation. First is to try to improve the situation and another is to accept it and live like that. But here this article is for those who want to get out of these issue and improve it.

So here is what I did to Increase my Internet speed and you could do this too. You will be amazed to see that how you could improve it by using something that already have been there for you. And you always have had used that for you.

I am talking about our TV DTH Antenna. Yes yes you get it right. I used my TV satellite to increase my Internet speed. And I accomplished a great result by doing something very simple.

Before I tell you how you should use your TV satellite for the purpose, I want you to understand how Antenna works.

How Antenna works?

Antenna, Basically used to transmit the radio frequency or radio wave to forecast the Pictures on TV screen. Its structure is its secret for strengthening of the signal.

As you have seen a Dish antenna, its more like a big Concave mirror. Right? And we know that concave mirror converses the light falls infinity and point it on its focus. Just like a Concave mirror, The concave parabolic reflector reflects the frequencies to the receiver which is placed at its focus and hence increases the reception of the DTH Antenna.

Wave also tends the properties like light so this mechanism implies on Internet frequency as well.

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How I used DTH Antenna to Increase my Internet speed?

Just like a TV broadcasting, Internet is also broadcasted from a mobile tower in the form of radio frequency. So here you need a stable device for mounting it on the center where the Receiver is placed. So I recommend you to have a separate device like a hotspot or JioFi (for Jio User).

Now Place and fix your JioFi at the place of Receiver. Now what will happen is the concave parabolic reflector receives the radio frequency emerging from Mobile tower and then it reflects the frequencies to the JioFi which is placed at its focus and hence increases the reception of the Data.

Now just after doing it you will be able to enjoy the high speed internet on the go.

The cache, here, is the DTH you are using for the TV may not be useful to you for Internet if mobile tower is not in the direction of DTH. So if you have mobile tower at the same direction of your DTH, you will enjoy Incredible speed for free.

You can also place your mobile at Focus but you will have issue while using your mobile hence I suggests you to use a Stable and extra Device for Hotspot.

I 100% believe that you will love the result you will get by doing this. So I want you to share this article with your Friends and let then know how smart you are. Also share some screenshot along with this article and let them explore as well. Cheers!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

How much speed will it Increase?

It will Increase speed upto 100MBPS. But personally for me, its 46MBPS of highest Speed I ever got by using this method. If you have mobile tower nearer and in direction of DTH you could reach even more.

What I need to keep in my mind while using DTH for Internet?

You must keep in mind that you mount a Hotspot device on the focus of your DTH for stable and maximum possible Internet Speed.

How can I get maximum speed by this method?

You could reach maximum Internet speed if you face your concave parabolic reflector in the side of available mobile tower perpendicularly so that it could catch maximum frequency emerging from the Mobile Tower.

How distant I could get that Internet Speed?

Speed coverage depends on the capacity of the Router you are using on the focus. Most of the Routers can cover 10 Meter very easily. So you could experience high speed till 10 meter from your DTH.

Will I need any special recharge for that?

No. You can continue using your existing plan just by putting your sim card in your Router and pick a tariff Plan according to your Network service provider.


So guys this was the technique How I used DTH Antenna to Increase my Internet speed?. I used what I had and overcame my problem. And you could do the same. Use this method to Increase your