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How To Apply For PAN CARD Online

How To Apply For PAN CARD Online?

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Complete Process To Apply for PAN Card in India

We know that the Pan card is one of the main Documents for anyone. In this article, we are going to share with you the complete application process step by step.

Today there is a question on everyone’s mind that why do we need to make a PAN card. Today we will talk on the topic that why PAN card is important, along with this article, we will also know how to apply it. In the list below, we will see in which case it is necessary for a person to get a PAN card.

When we need a PAN CARD:

1. If a person earns more than 2,50,000 in his last year, then he needs a PAN card under article 139 A.
2. If someone doing Business and his income is likely to be more than 5 lakhs, then he will need a PAN card.
3. PAN card can also be used as one of your identity cards.
4. To open a Bank account.
5. To apply for Passport, a PAN card must be required.
6. If you make a large number of transactions, then you may also need a PAN card for that.
7. You can also be asked for the PAN card to buy any type of property.

Therefore, we can say that the PAN card is a very useful document for everyone. Now we talk about which document is required to apply for a PAN card.

Document Required To Apply for PAN Card:

1. Identity Proof

You can use your Aadhaar card for identity proof. In case of not having an Aadhaar card, you can use your driving license, passport, or passbook in your bank account. ( Adhar card, Passport, College certificate, etc.)

2. Address Prove

You also have to provide your address proof with your application. You can attach any one of these documents to your form (1. Aadhaar Card, 2. Voter ID Card, 3. driving license, 4. Passport, 5. Spouse passport.)

3. Passport size Photograph

You have to upload your latest passport size photo while applying online.

Now it is time to know how to apply for PAN card online. Before applying online, you should prepare all your documents such as PAN card, mother and father’s name, your full address, etc.

Process To Apply Online For Pan Card:

pan card apply online
pan card apply online

1. First of all, click on this link of the Income Tax Department website.
2. After that, in the application type, select the new PAN.
3. Select individual in Category
4. In the application information, you will enter the name, date of birth, mobile no, and email id and then press submit.
5. After submitting you will be given a token no, which will be used in your further process.
6. In the subsequent process, you can fill your form, in which you will have to fill your full details.
7. You can also submit your documents online as PDF or you can also send by post.
8. After all the process you have to wait for a few days. Your pan card will be delivered to you by Postman.

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