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How to Get More Comments on Instagram: 5 Brilliant Tips

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Why don’t people comment on my Instagram posts? Why do my posts get fewer likes despite having a good number of followers? How can I get more comments on Instagram?

These are questions that people ask me often. Even I have faced such problems after creating an Instagram account initially.

Facebook-owned, Instagram is one of the most preferred social media networks. Undoubtedly, it is a good choice for marketers and influencers to promote their products or content.

But this will be possible only when you receive more comments and likes on your posts. Getting more out of it shows how popular you are on Instagram.

If you feel that you get fewer comments on the posts you share, this article may prove a magic wand for you.

Here I shared 5 clever tips that I personally used to get more comments on Instagram posts. So stick with it until you reach the end.

5 Helpful tips to get more comments on Instagram

1. Use Relevant #Hashtags

Not using enough hashtags in your posts is also a reason for low engagement. Often new users make this mistake because they have no knowledge of it.

Whenever you upload content, make sure to add relevant hashtags. But what would benefit me or anyone using it?

If you do it properly, your posts start appearing in search results whenever anyone searches for a hashtag, leading to increased engagements.

You may not believe that even a single hashtag has the power to increase engagements by 12%. So from next time, consider using relevant hashtags as much as possible.

2: Giveaway or Special Contest

A simple but working way to get more comments on Instagram is hosting giveaways. People, including you and me, like such contests a lot, Right?

You can upload a post regarding the competition so that your audience can participate in it. Tell them about your giveaway rules and prizes.

Set some interesting competition rules such as the one who comments the most will win. Or, the person commenting on my post every day would be the winner.

Also, if you have your own strategy for collecting user comments via giveaways, implement it now.

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3. Emojis in Captions

The Instagram caption, including only the texts, seems boring even though it is meaningful. I usually ignore such captions.

Then how can I make it interesting? By using appropriate emojis to express your feelings.

Emojis adds color to your colorless captions and encourages people to like and comment on your posts.

But using it more than necessary can also make the post awkward. So decide a limit before doing this.

4. Tag or Mention People

Mentioning people in your posts is a good practice to get more comments on Instagram.

Don’t know how to mention people? Check out this question raised on Instagram Help Center. Or see the example below.

Example – Yippee! Traveling to Goa together @username.

After the “at the rate” symbol, type the person you want to tag. Doing so will add a link to his/her profile.

Other than this, the person will receive the notification of your post first.

5. Perfect Time to Post

How to Get More Comments on Instagram: 5 Brilliant Tips
Instagram Global Engagement

Do you upload Instagram posts at the right time?

If you do not do so, your posts will reach a limited number of people. But why did I say “right time”? Let me serve as an example to you.

Suppose you upload a video when only a few of your viewers are online. So the video will be visible to a limited number of people.

When all your viewers are online, the video will not reach them as it will become stale material.

Therefore, be sure to observe the time when all or a lot of your audience is online on Instagram. This will help you in getting both engagements and comments.