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How to Install And Create An Account on Signal App

How to Install And Create An Account on Signal App: The signal is a messaging app for Android and iOS that focus on Privacy. It is also a part of the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

It secures your messages by using advanced encryption methods. For example, end-to-end encryption and hidden identity.

The signal is a private messaging app that focuses more on users’ online safety. Get a detailed comparison between WhatsApp VS Signal here.

While many messaging apps ignore or charge for your security, Signal protects it without any investment. It supports almost all devices such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.

This year, lots of people moved to this app as it is very safe. Don’t you know how to install and create an account on Signal? Do not worry!

In this article, I have broken down all the steps to create a free account on this app.

Things You Need To Create An Account on Signal

While most of the messaging apps collect many of your personal data, Signal only needs your phone number. Besides, none of your data is stored by the app.

Therefore, you must have an active SIM card. When registering, you will receive a one-time password at that number. Also, your friends can search for your Signal account using the number.

Apart from a SIM card, another thing you need is a smartphone. It can be an Android or iOS device as this app is available for both.

How to Install And Create An Account on Signal

So, you have collected all the necessary things. Great! Now it’s time to sign up on Signal. But before this, we will learn to install it on your device.

Install Signal on Your Device

  • Download the app from the App Store or Play Store according to your device or by clicking here.
  • Then, open the file and install.

Register Using Phone Number

  • Open the application on your device.
  • Then, allow all the necessary permission like media and contact access.
  • Next, enter the country code and your phone number to receive a six digits code.
  • On the next screen, you have to enter the code to verify the number.
  • Add your profile picture and name to set up your account.
  • Create a new PIN and confirm it.
  • Once you complete every step, your Signal account is ready.

The First time after opening, you will see a blank screen without chats. To add people to your chat list, click the pen icon at the bottom right.

Then, search or invite your friends using their contact number. If someone is using Signal too, you can send them messages via the internet.

But if they are not using the app as you, sending messages will charge mobile balance like a normal SMS app.

Wrapping It Up!

These were the steps you can follow to create an account on Signal. If you go through any problem while doing the process, contact us.

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