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How to Make Money Online Using WhatsApp

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Is it possible to make money online using WhatsApp? Yes, it is!

As far we know, WhatsApp is an online messaging platform. It connects you with people you know, Right? But, do you know that it can also help you make decent earnings?

But how is it possible?

To find the answer, I observed a lot of people doing it. I also talked to some of them. At last, I came up with 5 amazing ways to earn money using WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp does not provide users direct ways to make money. There are some alternative methods or tricks to do this.

But, make sure you have a huge number of people in your contact list. Also, consider using WA Business rather than normal WhatsApp.

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Tips to Make Money Online Using WhatsApp

  • Viral Your Script
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Shorten Links

1. Viral Your Script:

This is really an amazing way to make money online from WhatsApp.

Nowadays viral script sharing is a trend on messaging platforms. If you belong to countries like India, then you must be understanding my topic.

On festivals, people send wishes, quotes, and images to everyone. This is a great opportunity for someone who is willing to earn money.

Where to start from? Follow these points!

  • Create a website on blogger.
  • Connect an AdSense approved domain.
  • Get a viral wishing script from the web.
  • Add the script to Blogger

Now, you are ready to hit the bull’s eye!

Share this website link to people in your WhatsApp contact list. You can also use Shorten links feature, our upcoming point, for more earnings.

I have seen many people working on this method. And trust me, they are doing great! However, this needs time and patience to learn.

2. Affiliate Marketing (Best way to Make Money Online Using WhatsApp):

Affiliate marketing rules the first position in online earning methods. It is about promoting others’ products and receiving commissions per sale.

On WhatsApp, you can join different groups to promote the products or services. The status feature on WhatsApp will also help you ion this.

If anyone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you will receive commission. Is sounds interesting, Right?

There are some apps also available that lets you promote their products. You just need to find such apps and start Affiliate Marketing.

You could also join some affiliate networks like VCommission, which gives you easy approval in their program.

3. Shorten Links:

Do you know that you can make money by shortening links?

There are many online websites that let you short a long URL. Besides this, those platforms also pay you when someone clicks the link.

But how does this work? And, why these websites pay just for some clicks? Let’s understand from the starting point.

Suppose you are an admin of a WhatsApp group. You share import resources or links to other members in group.

You use websites like to make your links short. Also, when a person will click on the shortened link, it will redirect him to a page full of ads.

After a few seconds, he will enter the original websites. These platforms pay you for redirecting people to their ads page. You can share trending news or funny articles. Or, share something that everyone is looking for.