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Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Review

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Review, Cast & Story

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Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Review: Last year, the web series “Kathmandu Connection” was one of the most underrated web shows because it had a captivating plot and kept the audience engaged with its numerous twists and turns. The story begins with the notorious hijacking of the IS-814 flight upon its departure from Kathmandu.

As the investigation gets underway, there is a chance of an even larger international plot being uncovered. To mitigate the threat, investigative agencies are deployed to investigate. The teaser for season 2 was released on 13th December 2022, and the show premiered on 23rd December 2022. Here’s everything you need to know about the Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Review, its story, and its cast.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Review

The second season of Kathmandu Connection doesn’t match up to the thrill of the first one but is still worth a watch despite the slightly predictable story.

The runtime of the 6 episode series also works in its favor as the crisply edited show doesn’t let one bat an eyelid. Serving the same old tea but with a perfect taste is key.

The acting in the show is strong and helps keep the plot engaging. Amit Sial convincingly portrays a character who has lost everything, appearing lost and disheveled without a uniform.

Anurag Arora, Sial’s former colleague, gives a standout performance in a larger role. Aksha Pardasany also does a commendable job as a determined journalist, particularly in her final scene. Anshumaan Pushkar as Sunny Sharma has a lot going on and delivers a strong performance, and you can also see Panchayat’s Binod in a solid role.

As the creator hints at another overused theme for the next season, it would be beneficial to have a fresh script with more twists and turns. With such a talented team, this should not be a difficult task. Until then, this season can be enjoyed as a one-time binge-watch.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Cast

  • Amit Sial as DCP Samarth Kaushik
  • Aksha Pardasany as Shivani Bhatnagar
  • Anshumaan Pushkar as Sunny
  • Anurag Arora as Shravan Mishra
  • Gopal Datt as Hitesh, CBI officer
  • Vikram Singh Sodha as Trilok Kumar
  • Sanjiv Chopra as DGP Madan Sharma
  • Zakir Hussain as Mirza Baig
  • Prashant Narayanan as Wajid
  • Harleen Sethi as Tasneem
  • Director: Sachin Pathak

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Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Watch Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kathmandu Connection based on a real story?

While the first season of this show that was released was inspired by events from the 1993 Bombay blasts, the second edition depicts the events of the infamous IC 814 hijacking case from December 1999.

Who is the actress in Kathmandu Connection?

Aksha Pardasany and Harleen Sethi

What is the release date of Kathmandu Connection Season 2?

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 was released on SonyLIV on 23rd December 2022

How many episodes are there in Kathmandu Connection Season 2?

There is a total of 6 episodes.