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How to Start a YouTube Channel & Earn Money in 2021

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Want to learn how to start a YouTube channel that makes decent money? Then spend your next 5 minutes reading this article.

As the internet is developing, people are getting many opportunities to earn money online. Meanwhile, YouTube has become the first choice of people as the main source of making money digitally.

We cannot deny that Youtube has given employment to millions. Many people gave up their studies or worked to make YouTube a career.

And trust me, they are making enough dollars for their living.
Do you also want to step into this field? Yes, you want. That’s why you have been here for the last 1 minute, right?

For curious people like you, I have this article on how to start a YouTube channel to earn money.

How to Start a YouTube Channel (5 Steps)

1. Create a Gmail account

Since YouTube is a Google product, you will need a Gmail account. In today’s time, almost everyone has 4-5 or more Gmail Ids.

But I would advise you to use any Gmail that you have never used to create a YouTube channel or blog before. People who don’t have an account on Google can read this guide on creating a Gmail account.

While creating one, try to make it as professional as possible by including the YouTube channel or brand name.

2. Sign in to YouTube

Once you have an email in your hand, it’s time to sign in to youtube. If you are using a smartphone, download the official app.

Android users can get it from the Play Store, while iPhone users will find it on the App Store.

Conversely, if you are using a computer or a browser, then go to the official website of YouTube.

For now, I am using the Chrome browser on my computer. So it becomes effortless for me to sign in or out as both are Google products.

Assuming you have also successfully logged on to the platform, I am moving on to the next step about creating a channel.

3. Create a channel

Creating a YouTube channel will help you to pursue your dreams, passions, and connect with people.

But, I have seen many people working on topics they are not interested in. So I recommend you not to focus on the end results like money & fame.

Always create a channel in relation to a topic you find compelling. Now let’s learn how to start a YouTube channel on different devices.


When saying the smartphone, I mean both Android and iOS. Go to your profile area by clicking once on the profile picture in the top-right.

Among the many options that appear inside your profile, tap on “Your Channel.” It will ask you to enter the name from which you want to start a YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that creating a channel means that you agree to the terms associated with YouTube’s services. If you agree, you are free to use the platform as a content creator.


Open the browser you use on your computer and visit In a few seconds, you will land on the homepage, where many videos will appear.

On the top, you can see a profile picture icon next to the search bar. Clicking on this icon will open several options for managing or switching accounts, settings, YouTube studio, and more.

But keeping the topic in mind, I’m going to click “Create a channel”. Next, give your channel a professional and brand-like name.

You can either choose the same name you have on YouTube or add a custom name.

Boo-yah! You just successfully created your channel.

Update YouTube profile

Is it enough to create only a channel to achieve success? No! You must decorate it to grab more customers. Uhm? Did I say decorate? Yes, decorate your channel but not with ribbons. Follow these tips to make it look professional and beautiful.

  • Add attractive cover and profile pictures.
  • Write a brief bio that tells everything about this channel.
  • Add links to a blog or social media pages.

Upload your first video

Hooray! It’s time to upload the first video to your YouTube channel. Is your video content ready? Great! Then go and upload it right now.

If you don’t know the uploading process, I recommend reading this article regarding uploading videos to YouTube from here.

Earning money from YouTube

There are so many ways to earn money from a YouTube channel. First of all, I would recommend you to focus on the growth of your YouTube channel. Once you have enough subscribers and watch-time, you should follow these ways to earn money from YouTube.