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WhatsApp vs Signal: Which one is Safer to Use in 2021

WhatsApp vs Signal: Since the release of WhatsApp’s latest privacy policy, there has been a major concern among users for their privacy. As per the updated policy, WhatsApp will now share some more users’ data with Facebook, its parent company.

The idea is to establish a good integration between WhatsApp and other products of its parent company, Facebook. However, this left iPhone and Android users in a contemplative state.

The tweeter on WhatsApp vs Signal

Shortly after the release of WhatsApp’s latest privacy update, Tesla company CEO Elon Musk tweeted in this context. In his tweet, he wrote “Use Signal”, causing numerous people to switch on the Signal messaging app.

However, he has not named any person or organization in his tweet. But still, people are considering it as a gesture to abandon apps like WhatsApp or Messenger.

Also, some people took in another way. Here it is have a Look.

And some made fun of him and asking him to use brain. But let me tell you, Elon is one of the most Inspiring and one of the Intelligent brain on the Planet. Here it is have a Look.

And some tweeters recommended Telegram over WhatsApp or Signal.

And another one said this:

After Elon Musk’s tweet, a lot of people started signing up on Signal. The OTP verification method of the messaging platform slowed down for a while due to such heavy traffic.

Whether you switch to other platforms or not totally depends on you. But we can provide you some important information in this context, which will help you in making an accurate decision. So first, let’s know what kind of data these apps collect.

What Data Do These Messaging Apps Collect (WhatsApp vs Signal)?

WhatsApp vs Signal: Which one is Safer to Use in 2021


  • Your account information
  • Chats (including unsent and media messages)
  • Payment information
  • Location
  • Device information
  • Cookies
  • Business interactions
  • Your WhatsApp status, etc.


  • Your phone number

While WhatsApp is collecting many of your personal data, Signal does not collect any data other than your number. That is why more and more users are moving to this platform.

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Which is Safer to Use, WhatsApp vs Signal?

Many users have some questions in mind. Should I stop using WhatsApp? Is Signal a better messaging app compared to WhatsApp? Have security risks increased after this major update?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is a popular and widely used messaging platform compared to Signal. However, Signal is currently ranked as the most secure chatting platform. Before you move to other applications, make sure to check the following major factors –

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Data Collection

1. End-to-end encryption:

E2E encryption is an essential feature to protect your data from outsiders. Both WhatsApp and Signal use open source protocols to encrypt your messages. To further enhance security, Signal also encrypts metadata unlike WhatsApp.

Moreover, it uses the “Sealed Sender” technology so no one (including Signal) can know the sender and recipient identity.

2. Data Collection:

You must have found the answer to this question by reading the previous section on data collected by these apps. Signal does not collect any data other than your phone number.

Whereas, WhatsApp requires you to provide your data such as account information, messages, media, contacts, location, and more. Moreover, if you search for the most private messaging app, you will see Signal at the top. Even AVG, a popular antivirus company, considers this app to be the most secure messaging app.

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